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SNAP Online launches at the Hub on the Hill!
SNAP Online launches at the Hub on the Hill!

Yesfolk Tonics Kombucha

Yesfolk Tonics Kombucha

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$3.99 - $13.99
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Yesfolk Tonics

Single Origin Kombucha

Brewery in Troy, NY

"We craft tonic beverages using the best and most local ingredients we can get our hands on. All of our fermented tonics are brewed in natural materials like American oak barrels and glass. We care deeply about making delicious and exciting beverages that feel good and play well with others."

Single Origin Series:

YAUPON: Luscious and wild with cucumber, apple + desert mint notes

JASMINE: Crisp, bright and floral with sweet jasmine aroma and citrus on the palate

SENCHA: Refreshing notes of fresh grass and raspberry with a silken finish

BLACK DRAGON: Rich and toasty with comforting cacao and tamarind fruit notes

Plant Therapy Series:

SOFT RAYS: Organic green tea kombucha infused with tulsi, st. john’s wort and saffron from Rumi Spice